Thursday, February 28, 2008

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      Thursday, February 21, 2008

      New Garage/Punk/Metal bands on YouTube

      Hi, Garage Rockers!

      I've recently come across three great rock bands on YouTube. One is an all girl French band that has a heavy 60s Garage influence. The second is a Dutch band that sounds genuinely 60s and the third is a group of youngsters from Wales that play powerful Garage Metal. Please have a look at the videos I've embedded in this post. Then visit the linked websites to hear their songs and for more info about the bands.

      The Plastiscines are four young ladies from France who recently released a cool 60s Garage influenced CD called LP1. According to this from

      Parisians Katty Besnard (vocals/guitar), Marine Neuilly (guitar), Louise Basilien (bass), and Zazie Tavitian (drums) formed Plastiscines in 2005. Signed to Virgin France, and distributed by the Caroline imprint in the U.S., the band released LP1 last month. With Alixe currently manning the sticks -- founding member Zazie and recent drummer Caroline have since departed -- the teenagers from the City of Light are currently touring Europe.
      Their MySpace page has 4 great songs on it, and lists their influences:

      B-52's - Blondie - Ramones - The Kinks - Stooges - Libertines - Cramps - Buzzcocks - The Slits - kings of leon - The Strokes - Television - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - The Clash - White Stripes
      Here's a great pop/punk tune by The Plastscines. It mixes "Eisiger Wind" by Liliput and "All Day and All of the Night" by the Kinks - late 70s post punk and 60s pop punk, a great combination!
      Plastiscines - Mr. Driver (Clip)

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      Dutch band, The Frowns, recently posted about their new video on our Garage Rock NOW! website. Here, we'll watch another video by the band. It's a strong guitar rocker that features a cool 60s guitar riff, a nice guitar solo and 60s backing vocals. Learn more about The Frowns on their website, in Dutch.
      The Frowns - Open Up Your Door (Live @ Stairway To Heaven)

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      Alkalay is a rock band from Merthyr, Wales with 6 members - 2 girls and 4 guys. These young people play powerful yet melodic alt metal with nice guitar skills and contrasting angelic/scream vocals. According to the band's MySpace page:

      Alkalay are a fun, up for anything,
      alternative rock band from the South Wales valleys.
      The band which consists of male and female vocalists,
      are sure to become something special.
      Originally forming in 2006, under the name
      'My Favourite Accident', they started
      to fully concentrate on the band a few months later.
      With the line up changing quite a bit over that period of time,
      but at long last we have the final band.
      Visit their MySpace page to hear two excellent songs, "Michael Barrymore Vs The Great", and "Iron Angel." Here's a somewhat grainy video that at least gives the viewer a taste of what the band is like. They seem to be cool people!
      Video update Numero uno

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      Thursday, February 14, 2008

      The Quests Website and New CD

      Hello GarageRockers!

      I recently got an email from The Quests - the 60s Garage Band who performed the song that I chose as the first song in my first GarageRockRadio Podcast.

      The email announces the Quests' website:, and their new CD too!

      Here's the email:

      Subject: "The Quests"announce a new website and new CD

      Dear Bill,

      Hi, I'm Bob Fritzen, lead singer/songwriter of "The Quests." Still proud of the fact that "Scream Loud" was the lead off song of your 1'st podcast. Due to that honor, and other good vibes from old and new fans, we have recorded a new CD, RE-QUESTED: BACK TO THE GARAGE" which contain our old hits, previously unreleased songs recorded in the '60s, and five new '60s style songs written/recorded by the original members in 2007.

      Wanted to let you know that we have also opened a website where these can be sampled and purchased. If you could list our URL after our name The Quests, it would be greatly appreciated. was one of the the most important site listed on our links. Check out our website and let me know what you think. We also have a interview coming out 2/18/08, hope you like it.

      Once again, thanks for your help and interest in the past.

      Bob Fritzen

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