Tuesday, July 11, 2006

GarageRockRadio Podcast, Volume 1

I've been talking about doing a 1960's Garage Podcast for quite some time. Well, I've finally made one. It contains 4 cool 60s Garage tunes:

Scream Loud - Quests (Visit their website)
I Want You - Toni and Terri
Some Day - Resumes
Painted Air - Remaining Few

Thanks to everyone who emailed me a "station ID". You can do the same and I'll use it in the future. Just say, "I love Garage Rock Radio", or "This is xxx from xxx and I love Garage Rock Radio", or "This is xxxx from the band xxxx and you're listening to Garage Rock Radio", or something like that. You can use any mic and any recording program, even the Sound Recorded program that comes with Windows. Save it as a WAV file and email it to bill@garagerockradio.com and I'll use it in an upcoming podcast.

Listen to the podcast here!

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