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Garage Links, 2006

Here's a bunch of links I got by email so far this year. I don't think I answered many of these directly. But I wanted to pass them all on so that everyone can check them out. If you see something here that you sent me, and it either changed or you'd like it removed, email me at and I'll comply. As for sending me something for airplay, I'm not a DJ and I don't have a radio show, I just write about them. Try writing to Bill Kelly over at WFMU, they play all kinds of new music. As for uploading songs to GarageRockRadio, we don't accept songs for upload. We choose the songs on our MP3 list at our own discretion.

Okay, here are the links. I haven't been to all of them so I can't vouch for them. Click at your own risk!

Hi Bill,Great site. Loads of info. What's the best way to upload mp3's of TheThings's debut 4 song ep for garagerockradio? They're fairly new, fromDublin, super psych garage rockers..their website is Theep's out limited edition on Big Neck Records and Cargo import UK. And somecomp tracks on the Illbilly Recs comp "Get Out Of My Garage Punks" andGloria Garage Comp..They host Psychotic Reaction parties every month inDublin..Cheers, Janice

thanks for your support in 2005 and ROCK ON in 2006!!mickster - PO BOX 1211 CARLTON VIC 3053 AUSTRALIA

Bill please check out thanks derek

Hi, Very nice website, I will be very happy if you can add in the list of your mp3 songs the attached song from the french sixties combo: les 5 gentlemen from Marseille: the title of the song is "si tu reviens chez moi". Please let me know your opinion on the song! I am sure that you will enjoy the song. Cheers Franck

Hi, could I send you our upcoming release "Purple Girlfriend" (PravdaRecords) for possible airplay? It's coming out in March and I think there might be more than a few songs that would fit your show perfect. If so, please send me your mailing address...Thanks, Sal THE GOLDSTARS "Purple Girlfriend" Coming March 2006!

Let us to present our newest rock-group:
The idea of the group, called Re-tech, came up first in 2003 by the two founder [Szami & Zsenya], but they had been keeping themselves so busy that it was only 2005 when they managed to start working on their album.
Official website: More information, questions:

I was the songwriter/guitarist/singer for The LITES (1967-1969). We were a young psychedelic-garage band.
I like your site. Thought you'd like to hear an obscure tune that I wrote and recorded in 1968 with my band.
Let me know if you'd like an MP3. It's as rare and "of the time" as they come.
In the meantime, check this out:
Read the interview:
Recorded September 1968, by THE LITES:
You can also hear Baker Street and Oversensitive Passion on

FUZZTONES EURO TOUR 2006 TO COINCIDEWITH RELEASE OF FUZZTONES TRIBUTE ALBUM Those legendary Garage Killers, THE FUZZTONES, will soon be embarking on yet another European tour, the 15th in their 26 year career.While the last few tours showcased the band's immersion into dark psychedelia, The Fuzztones now plan to return to their garage roots, to celebrate their newest release, "LSD-25," a comprehensive"Best of" collection issued last year to commemorate their 25th year anniversary. The 2006 setlist will consist entirely of the kind of high-energy garage grunge that made The Fuzztones notorious in the 80's. Joining Rudi, Lana, Roger and Gabe will be guitarist JordanTarlow, who contributed much of the wailing fuzz onslaught on Fuzztones classic albums "In Heat," "Teen Trash," and "Action."Check out Tour dates In Fuzz We Trust, FUZZTONES PRESERVATION SOCIETY

New York, NY, March 14 – UK gutter punks Towers Of London will release their feverishly anticipated debut album Blood, Sweat & Towers on June 20. The band will begin their launch of the album with a string of U.S. dates beginning this month that include unpredictable appearances at South By Southwest 2006, and two sold-out New York City gigs including a riotous opening slot for The Pogues at the Nokia Theatre on March 19 and the "Live From London" showcase at Bowery Ballroom on March 21.

Art Steinman from the Jagged Edge (aka The Offset) here. Just wanted to let you know that I just published a CD of five demos we cut and never released in 1965. It’s available on for $9.95. If would be great if you would put in a word for it on your website. Here’s the link:
Folks can also link there from the Jagged Edge website. Thanks!

hi guys,we are The Vegas, a french rock'n'roll bandif you want to listen our first LP a know more about us visit: we wonna play for you! sweet spank Ramon Vegas

Rock garage... Promocion, mp3.
website of smokin' lovin' machine

Hello Bill ,
My name is Paul Kappa. My band KAPPA are resident at the CAVERN, Liverpool, England.
Our new single "Give Me More" is ready to go & I thought you might like to hear it so i'm attaching an MP3. We get regular airplay in the UK and Scandinavia as well as the US.
If you like my music I can send you a CD. Happy listening!
Thanks for your time.
Kind Regards,

Hey folks,Check the link below for the latest video from Towers of London, "Air Guitar."* See the band on the COVER of the next issue of HARP magazine, alongside such rock & roll royalty as The New York Dolls, Michael Stipe, Thurston Moore, Conor Oberst and Emmylou Harris (!) On stands May 23.** Towers on tour in America all summer!*** Their debut album Blood, Sweat & Towers in stores in AUGUST!! Get at me for music, interviews and additional info...- Jason


At 7/22/2006 5:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Art and I was the lead guitarist for the Jagged Edge/Offset. We put out two singles "You Can't keep A Good Man Down" and "A Change Is Gonna Come" in 1965 and 1966. Please visit my website for more on the band:


Here's a link to our CD with 5 unreleased demos on

At 11/14/2006 7:22 AM, Anonymous carlos said...

listen please to this new band

At 1/01/2008 7:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recopilacion texsoul 60' 70'


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