Thursday, February 02, 2012

Garage Rock Radio Podcast 11 - over 400 listens!

Thanks to everyone who has listened to our Garage Rock Radio Podcast 11 over at Mixcloud! It now has 431 listens; Double the number from a month ago. People are still going to Mixcloud to check it out. Garage Rock lives on in 2012!

People like the Garage Pop sound of the first track by William Penn and His Pals. They dig the fuzz of the next two tracks, probably produced by the owner of the lead guitar amp sticking a screwdriver through the speaker to get that intense overdriven fuzz sound without having to buy a fuzzbox!

Garage lives on in the 21st century and people dig the two modern tracks by Lyn Price and The Cons. You can find more music by Lyn on our Record Label website, and read more about The Cons here.

I went crazy with the Psychedelic tracks on this podcast! Six heavy trippy crazy tracks with all kinds of vocal styles and powerful guitar solos. One track is even by The Grateful Dead, recorded BEFORE their first album. I'm going to put another Grateful Dead track on my next podcast!

Like I said last post, I like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Adele as much as the next person - but sometimes you gotta try something new and COMPLETELY Different! It's going to be cool to watch Madonna doing the half time show at the Super Bowl this weekend, I'm a Madonna fan too. But I also love obscure 60s Garage Rock, Runk, Indie and Psychedelic music, so I make these really cool podcasts to feature that kind of music.

Will YOU have a listen?

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