Monday, February 07, 2011

NYC Garage And Blue Lemonade

Lyn Price, excellent Garage Rock artist, is doing well with her latest CD, "NYC Garage And Blue Lemonade." Here's the track list:

1. Magic Town
2. One Day
3. Rooftop Mary
4. Come And Give Your Love To Me
5. Garage Rock Radio Theme Song
6. He Took My Oldsmobile

BUY this CD for only $5.50 at
You can also download individual tracks for $0.99 or the album for $6.00.

Here are some reviews from the CDBaby site:

"...With musical range that spans the B52s to Yoko Ono all the way to the Stooges, this record has a feel that alternates between something familiar and comforting to something alien and exciting..."

"...Lyn Price is a terrific Artist and has a soulful and fun voice! I loved all the songs but I especially loved 'Come And Give Your Love To Me'. It is a very upbeat and fun song and filled with witty romance..."

Of course we love all of Lyn's music here at GarageRockRadio! We played "He Took My Oldsmobile" on podcast 9 and "Magic Town" kicks off podcast 10 which you can also listen to on MixCloud.

Check out Lyn's CD - you will Love it! Recommended if you like
The Angels
The Ronettes
The Shangri-Las

Also watch the video for "Garage Rock Radio Theme" on our GarageRockRadio YouTube channel. It now has 6,157 views. Thanks to everyone who watched it! Most of the viewers are coming from so a Big Thanks to them!

The video is a slideshow of 60s Garage Bands. The song, sung by Lyn Price, is a great example of Garage Rock - raw 1960s punk pop featuring fuzzy guitars, pounding drums, pulsating organs, pumping basslines and snearing vocals with background harmonies.

Visit our website - Garage Rock Radio - for MP3s and podcasts of 60s Garage Rock tunes!

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At 1/12/2012 6:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Garage Rock Radio. It's exciting and plays great songs which fit together like a puzzle, showing an exciting continuation of music that will rock the world till the end of time :).


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