Saturday, February 20, 2010

Update on our Video

Our first video on our GarageRockRadio YouTube channel now has over 1300 views. Thanks to everyone who watched it! Most of the viewers are coming from so a Big Thanks to them!

The video is a slideshow of 60s Garage Bands and the song is the Garage Rock Radio Theme song, sung by Lyndsey Price. It is a great example of Garage Rock - raw 1960s punk pop featuring fuzzy guitars, pounding drums, pulsating organs, pumping basslines and snearing vocals with background harmonies.

Visit our website - Garage Rock Radio - for MP3s and podcasts of 60s Garage Rock tunes!

Visit our Record Label - Garage Rock Radio Records - that distributes bands from today that have that 60s Garage Rock sound. Free MP3s here.

Here is the One Minute Six Second Garage Rock Radio Theme Song video - Enjoy!

Please check out free MP3s and our 14 song Sampler Album at

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