Monday, October 19, 2009

The Heartbeats - 60s Girl Garage Band

On September 7th, 1968, The Heartbeats, from Lubbock Texas, won $10,000 in prizes in the amateur band contest on ABC's nationwide pop/rock show Happening '68. The Heartbeats lip-sync'ed to their recording of the Outsiders hit "Time Won't Let Me." One of the prizes was a VW bus, but none of the girls could drive; they were 12 to 15 years old!

The Heartbeats are:
Linda Sanders - Drums, lead vocals
Deb Sanders -rhythm guitar
Deborah McMillan - bass
Jeannie Foster - lead guitar and organ

Managed by mom Jeanne Sanders, whose goal was to "maintain in appearance and reality a group of decent, wholesome girls."

Here they are, as seen on Happening '68. Linda is on drums in the back. Jeannie is on the left. Deb is in the middle and "has a dance routine" which is very cool! Deborah is on the right. After 8 bars of lead-in, during which the guitar girls do shuffle, they get a little more animated as Deb does her "dance routine." Check out the cut-aways to kids in the audience. This is a great slice of Garage Rock for your viewing and listening pleasure!

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At 1/31/2013 4:20 PM, Blogger jaemel said...

I just came across these "guys" recently, and how cool they were! Really, just great, and Deb Sanders with her dancing around just rocked! lol!
What a great piece of video!


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