Friday, August 14, 2009

The Eleventh Story

The Eleventh Story is a 60s Garage influenced band out of Virginia with a new album available at CD Baby called "Outland Road". The band consists of Tom Haun on guitars and vocals, and Todd Rosedale on bass. They present 7 songs on this CD which has Garage, Blues and Psychedelic influences.

"Snake Doctor" brings to mind the 60s pop rock of Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). "One Good Reason" is a slower blues/psyche number. "Our Time Is Now" is one of my favorite tracks. It is a Garage Rocker with a Psychedelic feel. The guitar riff is cool and Tom's vocals are trippy yet powerful. I also like "That's What I'm Here For" which is another obviously 60s Garage influenced tune. It has a light breezy feel, nice Garage pop tune! "And For Today" gets a little more gritty, and stays in a slow groove. "Out To The Highway" picks up the pace, it rocks and has tasty fuzz lead guitarwork! "Tsunami" ends the set. It's another Garage Rocker with lead fuzz.

In general, Tom's vocals are excellent and the guitar work is solid. I did notice that there is the occasional loss of sync among the instruments, and the songs seem to end abruptly. But this is a very nice Garage CD that I would recommend to all Garage Rockers!

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