Saturday, May 30, 2009

McFadden's Parachute - New Album at Amazon NOW!

McFadden's Parachute, Greatest Hits, Volume 1, is available at right NOW! Go download your copy of this 15 song album for only $7.99.

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I first heard of McFadden's Parachute about 7 years ago. Bill Kelly played their song "Fall Of The Queen" on his Teenage Wasteland show on WFMU. I loved it and made it my Song Of The Week for 03/23/03 on my website I began writing to the band's leader, "Dagwood," and started buying their albums. I have 5 so far.

McFadden's Parachute plays Garage Punk songs and Psychedelic Rock that sounds like it was recorded back in 1966 and 1967, at the height of the Garage Rock and Psychedelic scenes. Each song features cool guitar, often fuzzed out, with pounding drums and Dagwood's gritty vocals. Many songs also contain Farfisa organ which is something I love about Garage Rock music.

The songs are generally short, although some of the Psychedelic tunes such as the three on this Greatest Hits collection - Laughing Sparrow Died, Silver Days And Purple Nights, and Wishes Of A Peasant clock in at around 5 minutes. Every song has hooks that will get stuck in your head!

If you like 60s music from bands like the Monkees, Beatles, Doors, Kinks, Who - and Garage Rock like Louie Louie, Liar Liar, You're Gonna Miss Me, Midnight to Six Man, I'm Five Years Ahead of my Time, Hey Joe, It's a Cryin' Shame, Abba, 99th Floor - then you'll Love McFadden's Parachute! If you like the bands played on Little Steven's Underground Garage, on Sirius 25, like the Fuzztones, Urges, Hives, Jarvis Humby, Chevelles, Maggots, Woggles, Len Price 3, Creatures of the Golden Dawn, Foxboro Hot Tubs - then you'll Love McFadden's Parachute!

Listen to the samples of the songs on this album. They all sound very cool and have that authentic 1960s sound. McFadden's Parachute uses vintage instruments to make their recordings and you can tell it from their sound. I would recommend this album to all fans of Garage Rock, Punk, Psychedelic and 60s Rock. You will not be disappointed!

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