Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Hussy

Here's an email I just got from a very cool new Garage/Punk band. Check out their MySpace to hear some of their songs. I did and I loved them! High energy fun songs with great vocals. Go and listen!


I'm in a garage punk band called the Hussy out of Madison wisconsin.
We'd love to be on your blog.
Here's a bio and a link to some tunes. i can provide MP3's if you would like.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

The Hussy – Madicine, Wisconsin

2 piece, drums n guts—drunk-thunk stoopid sweet rock n' roll.

He (Bobby) sings, she (Heather) sings.

He plays guitar, she plays drums.

We like Cheap Time, the Catholic Boys, The Dead Boys, Jay Reatard, dogs, The Mystery Girls, The Wax Museums, horseshoes, The Stooges, Verbena, flinging shit.

Phoenixes be damned, we ain't rising out of no one's ashes.

We prefer a solid basement show to a parodied cock rock arena show.

We hate bands that play sets longer than 35 minutes. We don't even want to see our favorite bands play for more than 35 minutes.

We're not smarter than you, and we won't pretend we are.

We're not complicated, complex, complacent or commandeering, but we are combat ready and lookin for a good time.

We write songs about dogs, cars, words, and girlfriends that can't read.

We just finished a 9 song EP that was recorded by Kyle Motor (The Midwest Beat, the God Damns) and produced by Logan Kayne of the Midwest Beat. Recorded/mixed in 9 hours on 2 inch.

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