Friday, September 26, 2008

The Tangerees

This was in my email Inbox the other day:


Hello! I play in a garagerock band called The Tangerees.  We live in uddevalla/Sweden and we would like you to listen to us and say if you like us or anything. We dig your work and the bands y'all worked with so if you just wanted to listen to our musik that would be great. If you got any interest we can send you a tape/cd or our myspace:, where we got some of our songs.


I did go to their MySpace page. They have 6 songs posted, all very cool Garage Rockers tinged with The Blues. Their use of keyboards/organ produces an authentic '60s sound. The production is good and the vocals are strong. Song 1, "I Feel Alright," starts off slow but then raves up into high energy. Song 5, "Pass Me By," is the most Garage-y track and is my favorite.

Be sure to check out The Tangerees, Garage Rockers from Sweden!

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