Friday, October 03, 2008

More Essential NEW Garage Rock

Here are more Great NEW Garage Rock songs that you will love if you love the OLD 1960s Garage Rock we have on The list is in no particular order and I'll add to it in future posts. You can hear these songs on Little Steven's Underground Garage, Sirius 25. The list is in the form of

Artist - Song
and if it's available on Napster, then there's a (N) after the song. Napster sometimes makes a song unavailable after a while so the best thing to do is buy the song while you can!

Fuzztones - Shiney Hiney
Social Distortion - She's a Knockout (N)
Screaming Trees - All I Know (N)
Urges- Psych Ward (N)
The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Galaxy Gramophone
Love Me Nots - Give Em What They Want
Hives - Tick Tick Boom (N)

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