Tuesday, October 07, 2008

December's Children

I heard from the London Garage Rockers, "December's Children" recently and went to check out their MySpace. This is a Great Garage Band! You'll recognize a Velvet Underground influence as you listen to their slightly sparse yet hauntingly strong tunes. Catchy melodies with good guitar work and vocals make this a band to watch. Go listen to the songs on MySpace - "Come Join Us" is my fave!


Hey man!

I've just discovered your podcasts and I think they are great!!! It's such
a shame it appears they stopped at the end of last year. [Ed.Note: New Podcast! See previous post!] I am from London, and I am the guitarist in a new Garage Rock Band called December's Children. We've very recently recorded a new E.P. for the group, and I'd really love you to hear it. I appreciate that you must be a very busy man, but I think you might like the way we are going. Your seal of approval would mean an awful lot to me!
Thanks a lot, Bill,



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At 10/08/2008 2:53 PM, Anonymous Ben B said...

have you ever heard the great siociety
It was a 1960's band that had grace slick before she joined jefferson airplane it made some garage rock songs like arbitration and grimly forming which I put up on youtube

At 10/08/2008 4:23 PM, Blogger Bill said...

The Great Society was a great band! They did the original versions of "White Rabbit" and "Somebody to Love." I like "Grimly Forming" but not sure if I know "Arbitration," I'll check it out on YT. Thanks for the comment!

P.S. Check out December's Children and the other bands and MP3s on GRR if you like '60s bands like Great Society!


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