Friday, December 30, 2011

Garage Rock Radio podcast 11 doing well!

It's been just one week since the latest Garage Rock Radio podcast, number 11, hit the interwebs. We're happy to report that listens on Mixcloud are going well! Almost 200 listens so far and a lot of new "followers".

I'm listening to the podcast right now! I think this one is a good mix of 60s Garage Rock in all its lo-fi glory, new high quality Garage / Indie Rock tunes, and fuzzy Gothic Psychedelic 60s tunes with some extended guitar solos. Included in the Psychedelic portion of the show is a very early recording by The Grateful Dead, right after they changed from The Warlocks! That is followed by a trippy dirge with spacey guitar during the verses followed by piercing fuzz riffs during the TWO extended guitar breaks! Lyrics to "Song of a Sinner" which the vocalist is singing to God:

... And yet, I ask to be forgiven, knowing the life that I've been living.
And yes, I know its too late, oh. 'Cuz on your judgement day you're gonna close your gate, on me. On me? On me! And I'll be left here on my own, to face Hell all alone.

Heavy, maaaaan!

Look, I like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Adele as much as the next person - but sometimes you gotta try something new and COMPLETELY Different!

Will YOU have a listen?

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