Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Garage Rock 2016

Hey Garage Rockers, it's Garage Bill! I'm still rockin' the Garage in 2016 and I hope you are still diggin' the sounds! Here's a few updates for you. My Favorites playlist now has 169 very cool Garage Rock videos. I still add more, as I find them, so check back often! Just click play and listen to all kinds of fuzzy Garage and Psychedelic music from 1966 to today! This playlist has over 3000 views, so a big thanks to everyone who has checked it out so far!

Garage Rock Videos

Please visit our YouTube channel for original Garage Rock uploads like the two videos from Lyn Price which I emmbed in my last post here! I also invite you to check out my Doo Wop Playlist and Non Garage Music Playlist which I will embed below.

Here is my Doo Wops playlist, with 50 great songs from the late 50s to early 60s. These are mostly uptempo fun songs with great vocals and sometimes silly lyrics! But there are some passionate love songs in there too! This playlist has over 600 views because Doo Wops never die! Have a listen if you love 50s rock or want to discover something new to you! I think you will enjoy!

DooWop Videos

Here is my Non Garage Music playlist, titled "Non Garage Videos We LOVE" with 87 videos that have over 1200 views! This contains some metal, punk, screamo, techno, dance music, 80s rock, New Wave, psychedelic and more! I know there are some songs here that you have not heard, but will be glad to discover!

Non Garage Rock Videos

Also, check out our podcasts at Mixcloud. Our most recent podcast, Podcast 11 has over 4000 listens and many comments and shares, thanks everyone! Go have a listen and share it yourself!

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