Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lords Of Gravity - Where You Gonna Run

Starting with a nice slow organ chord progression, this kick-ass Garage Rock song lets you know what's coming at 11 seconds into the song when that sweet organ swells and fuzzes out from high volume! Then at 16 seconds, we get organ and guitar belting out one of my favorite Garage Rock 4 chord progressions which immediately causes my brain to light up all circuits and my body to bop and dance in my chair. Its the same pattern used by The Pandoras in one of my favorites, "That's Your Way Out" - if it doesn't get you excited and moving some part of your body, check your pulse cuz you may in fact be dead!

Vocals kick in, asking where ya gonna run to? You gotta pay. It's Judgement Day. "You've been a Bad Girl." Another brilliant Garage Rock theme common in 1966 and dragged into 2012 by this Australian Garage Punk band on the Rumble Skunk Records label. The lead vocal is gritty but understandable. The backing woah woahs are there. The drums are pounding but a bit burried in the fury of the other audio tracks, but they come through at the high end due to the cymbal pounding.

When you hear the scream at 1:23, you know the guitar break is here! All manner of psychedelic hell breaks loose as the guitar screams and wails in a powerful, energetic perfect 60s Garage freeform solo, but floating barely above the still full sound of organ, thumping bass runs and drums.

Back to the organ providing that glorious chord progression again, but this time with the drums right there clearly in the forefront. After another verse and chorus and two yelps and a short organ outro dump you suddenly into silence, leaving you spent but smiling from this fantastic voyage!

Have a listen to this great Garage Rock tune! The video description is under the video. Note the email address provided for info on buying the LP this appears on. Listen and share, let's get this video to 1000+ views!

Lords Of Gravity - "The Curse Of Icarus" LP. Mindblowing garage punk from Australia!!! Our first release, LTD vinyl edition on Rumble Skunk Records!!!

If you'd like to order a copy please send me a message:

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