Monday, August 11, 2008

Essential NEW Garage Rock

Here is a list of Great NEW Garage Rock songs that you will love if you love the OLD 1960s Garage Rock we have on The list is in no particular order and I'll add to it in future posts. You can hear these songs on Little Steven's Underground Garage, Sirius 25. The list is in the form of

Artist - Song
and if it's available on Napster, then there's a (N) after the song.

Jarvis Humby - These Eyes (N)
Jarvis Humby - Formaldehyde (N)
Chevelles - Stacey Love Cocaine (N)
Creatures of the Golden Dawn - Bye Bye Baby (N)
The Breakers DK - Rich Kids (N)
The Stems - She's Fine (N)
The Stems - Surround Me
The Maggots - Temptation (N)
The Maggots - Nothing But a Heartbreak (N)
Human Sexual Response - Jackie Onassis
Small Faces - Call it Something Nice (N) (60s!)
Oholics - Lucy Leave (N) Pink Floyd cover!
The Majarajas - I'm Crackin' Up
The Majarajas - Please Leave Me a Message
The Creation - For All That I Am
The Woggles - Something To Believe In (N)
The Woggles - People Come On
The Eyeliners - Destroy (N) Girl singer, punk!
Minus 5 - Lies of the Living Dead (N)
Sahara Hotnights - Keep up the Speed
Radio Birdman - Anglo Girl Desire (N)
Hekawis - Born Yesterday
The Lemon Drops - I Live in the Springtime (N) (60s!)
The Fuzztones - Heathen Set
The Fuzztones - F-F-Fascination (N)
The Satelliters - Why Do They Know (N)
Los Straitjackets - Galaxy Drive (N)
Th' Losin' Streaks - Your Love, Now
? and the Mysterians - Feel It
The Launderettes - Fluff 'n Fold (N)
Urges - You Don't Look So Good To Me
Thee Minks - (I Wanna) Do A Woggle (N)
The Human Expression - Readin' Your Will
The Night Marchers - I Wanna Deadbeat You (N)
The Moviees - Queen of the Shadows
Rippers - It's Hard to Find
The Len Price 3 - With Your Love (N)
The Len Price 3 - If I Ain't Got You (N)
Lynette Price - Some Day (60s Cover!)
Lynette Price - Garage Rock Radio

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