Friday, June 20, 2008

Vote for Lynette!

Hi Garage Rockers!

Our friend and number ONE fan Lyn is entered in the Goldie's Garage song competition. Goldie's Garage is a two hour show on Little Steven's Underground Garage channel on Sirius Radio, channel 25 or 6025 on Dish TV. Genya Ravan hosts the show. Genya contacted Lyn and said she would be playing her song, "Some Day" on her show and that it would be in the competition.

So please, VOTE FOR LYN!!!

Just go and register, click the link on the confirmation email you will receive, log in and click VOTE! You'll see Lyn's name, "Lynette Price" in a New York License Plate. Click in the little circle next to that and then click the Vote button.

You can only vote once and it will only take you 5 minutes so please do it NOW! Voting ends June 27th. Thanks!

Register here!

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