Friday, February 13, 2015

Garage Rock Radio 2015

Hey Garage Rockers, it's Garage Bill, letting you know that we're still rockin' the Garage in 2015! Here's a few updates for you. Here is a playlist of over 150 of my Favorite Garage Rock videos from YouTube. Just click play and listen to all kinds of fuzzy Garage and Psychedelic music from 1966 to today!

Please visit our YouTube channel for original Garage Rock uploads like the two new ones from Lyn Price which I will embed here next, in addition to all the great songs from our Favorites list, as well as our Doo Wop Playlist and our Non Garage Music Playlist!

Here is Lyn Price, singing "The Way I Feel About You", a Cover of a song originally by Pete Best who was the original drummer for The Beatles.

Also by Lyn Price, here is her cover of "Come and Give Your Love to Me", originally done by New Colony Six.

Also, check out our podcasts at Mixcloud. Our most recent podcast, Podcast 11 is nearling 4000 listens, thanks everyone!

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