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Garage Bands in my Email

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Hello, Garage Rockers!

Here are a bunch of Garage Bands that have emailed me this year. I have listened to all of these bands on their MySpace pages, YouTube channels and other websites - and they have some cool songs! Here are the ones I really like!

First, as a reminder, I have a YouTube channel for Garage Rock, and you should check it out and Subscribe! We have uploaded a few songs from artists that we work with on our Garage Rock Radio Records label. Plus, we have 145 Garage Rock videos in our Favorites playlist and 44 Doo Wop tunes in our Doo Wop playlist.

Check out our newest upload. It's a Garage Rock / Punk / Indie cover of the Vogues 60s ballad minor hit, "Magic Town." But this version is no ballad; it Rocks! Have a listen, and pay attention to how the singer, Lynette Price, expresses the sadness and frustration of the lyrics - "Where's the magic in this magic town? Where's the good life they said could be found? Where's the magic to make all my big dreams come true?" Musicians everywhere can identify with this!

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Now, here are links to Garage Bands YOU should check out!!!

The Monolithics
Mon-o-lith-ic: (adj) massive, solid, and uniform. Actually you don't need a dictionary to understand The Monolithics: a pair of ears is more than enough.
Take rock'n'roll, garage punk, punk rock and Sixties sound, put them under a press and here you are... The Monolithics are born. Plus, they proudly wear their influences on their sleeves, they are veterans of the road and they know a few things about being rock'n'roll losers. Does this ring a bell? You bet it does... and in case you're still hesitant, just take alisten: you'll learn something about rock'n'roll. It's for your own good.
Best Songs:
Take The Time You Need
You Better Mov'in On

The Kaams
Formed in 2009 in a small town (Bergamo) close to Milan, the KAAMS are a trio influenced by 60s garage bands and by the rawest R'n'B sound.
Former members are Carmi (vocals, guitar and harmonica), Conte (drums) and Mafe (bass).
They released an Ep “She’s a Killer” - 2010 on Bedo Records (IT) / Dirty Water Digit Records and a 7” split “Choose your coffin” - 2010 on Boss Hoss Records (IT) / distributed by Area Pirata (IT).
A lot of gigs on the horizon, so be ready to hear them screaming right out of your door, you can’t miss them!
Best Songs:
She's a Killer

The Barbacans
Another Garage band from Italy, like the Monolithics and Kaams. Garage fuzz, 1960s style Farfisa organ and hip shakin’ swagger!
Best Songs:
Kick The Children
Mad Mike!

The Barbarellatones
Part Glam, part Garage, you'll like them, just have a listen!
Best Songs:
Interview With A Glampire

Cheap Freaks
CHEAP FREAKS - 'Teenage Brains' EP available to buy now from PSR!
Dublin natives Cheap Freaks have been making a stir since they started just over a year ago. Churning out a blissful blend a fuzzed up garage rock with some heavy psych. In their short while together they’ve opened for acts like the Buzzcocks, Black Angels and Jay Reatard and a in recent times a successful tour of Germany has opened many doors in Europe for the band. Fronted by both former Things bassist Robbie Brady and former DC Pakt guitarist Al Dodd their debut 'Play Four Songs' 7" EP was released last year and is available to buy from US label Big Neck Records Their follow up EP 'Teenage Brains' will be released on the bands own Psycho Sound Records and will be available this month on CD and itunes download. To follow will be their debut album and European tour in May 2011. More details on that real soon!
Best Songs:
I'm Coming Home
Can't Fool Me

Listen to all 10 of these cool Garage Rock tunes by 5 excellent Garage Bands here:
"GRR May 2011" playlist on our GarageRockRadio MySpace -

Modern Moonlight

They're from Austin TX and have a really neat garage rock & roll sound.
Their bandcamp page is and has the first two tracks from their debut album, as well as some photos.
Press, contact info, and higher-res photos can be found on the Centaur Next Door website.
"Doesn't Bother Me"
"You Can't Break My Heart".

Chicago's junk-rockin' Rambos have just released two new tracks! "Arrows" and "Terrorize" have the ability to transport listeners to a dingy Logan Square garage, and are available as free downloads on Rambos' BandCamp page. Rambos have recently shared the stage with the Hollows and the Detroit Cobras, and they plan on taking 2011 by storm!

German Goth Garage Rock, The Pussybats

The Swinging Iggies
Bongo Boy Records continues to disarm listeners with their new single "Lady Gaga" by the Swinging Iggies. Written & Produced by Gar Francis and mastered at the House of Vibes, the song rocks in a classic punk/pop way. The Swinging Iggies honed in on a remarkably well-defined sound with distinctive vocals - in the style of David Bowie or The New York Dolls. "Lady Gaga" by The Swinging Iggies is available NOW for downloads at, iTunes, Amazon and most digital download sites.

Kevin K
Kevin K and others do a Garage Rockin' cover of the Katy Perry song, Teenage Dream!

Muddy Udders
Muddy Udders kick out the jams on this fast paced Garage Blues tune, "Jet Pilot" - nice guitar playing!

MORE links to Garage Bands. Coming Soon!

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