Tuesday, November 07, 2006

GarageRockRadio Podcast, Volume 4

Finally - Podcast 4!
Volume 4 has 4 songs on it and runs for 15 minutes and 14 seconds. It's just under 14 MB in size and is in MP3 format encoded at 128kb/second. The sound is NOT CD quality; if you hear a song you like, it's probably on a CD compilation somewhere. My voice sounds better on this one because I'm now using a nice noise-cancelling mic. I also used a better quality version of my outro bed and I let it play for longer than I usually do. I've had requests to hear more of the outro song, so I let it go for about 90 seconds this time.

Here are the songs in the Podcast:
It's The Same All Over The World - Squires
Tears Tears - Decisions
Echoes - Lord And The Flies
You Are Your Only Mystery - Baroque Monthly

>>> Click here to listen! <<<

Websites mentioned in this podcast:

SellaBand.com - Listen to, and invest in new bands! Check out the Luna Assassins, you'll like them. I just found out about SellaBand a few days ago when I read this news article.

Please visit YouTubeStars.com and see which videos are popular on YouTube these days!
Do you like the Beatles, Stones, Herman's Hermits and Castaways?
Watch a video from each of these groups, on YouTubeStars. Just click this: 1960s Music Videos

Friday, November 03, 2006

SellaBand - Cool Website

Hi there, Garage Rockers!

I just found a new website today - www.SellaBand.com - they let you buy into a band!  If the band hits it big, you can make $$$.  Check out the site and see what it's all about.

I found a band there that I think all you Garage and rock fans will like.  I already bought into them!  Check out this link: http://www.sellaband.com/luna_assassins/  Listen to Milkshake, it rocks!  The Luna Assassins are on myspace too -http://www.myspace.com/lunaassassins  Check them out!

P.S.  Podcast 4 coming soon!  Go to www.GarageRockRadio to listen to podcasts 1, 2 and 3 (or scroll down on this page) and the genuine 1960s Garage Rock MP3s.