Tuesday, July 10, 2007

GarageRockRadio Podcast, Volume 5

It's here - Podcast 5!
Volume 5 has 4 songs on it and runs for 14 minutes and 57 seconds. It's just over 14 MB in size and is in MP3 format encoded at 128kb/second. The sound is NOT CD quality; if you hear a song you like, it's probably on a CD compilation somewhere. This is the first podcast to feature our new GarageRockRadio Theme Song - made for us by Lynette from New York. Check it out!

Here are the songs in the Podcast:
One Way Ride - Gentle Touch
The Kid From Cinncy - Hatfields
Polka Dotted Eyes - Snaps
DayTime NightTime - Band Of Wynand

>>> Click here to listen! <<<

The Website mentioned in this podcast:

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