Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Hi Fevers

I recently got a copy of the new CD from the Hi Fevers in the mail. Fege, the Hi Fever's guitarist and vocalist, sent me this CD all the way from Italy. I have known Fege for years, she used to be in the cool band, Queen Beee. I wrote about them on GarageRockRadio in the 4/14/2004 entry near the bottom of the page, here.

This six-song CD is guitar and drum based rock and roll. All tracks are 2 and 3 minutes in length. The songs show influences from Garage, Surf, Punk, and even Disco. The set starts out strong with the song "High Fever". Fege sings and one of the guys harmonize over power chords and standard rock drum beats. I imagine that this will be a crowd pleaser in live sets - I can see the fans pumping their fists and bobbing their heads in sync with the band.

Song two is "Leech". It's another strong rocker with punk influences. Next up is "Girl+". It starts out fast, with riffs borrowed from the Dead Kennedy's "Too Drunk to ****". This is a cool punker with go-go drums over the guitar break, and is probably my fave track. The last three songs are good rockers; one is an instrumental with surf stylings and the final track is a Disco-rocker slightly similar to the Kinks "Superman".

All in all, this is a good rocking CD! For more information on the Hi Fevers, check out their MySPace page.

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