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Garage Links, 2006, part 2

Here's a bunch of links I got by email in the second half of last year. I don't think I answered many of these directly. But I wanted to pass them all on so that everyone can check them out. If you see something here that you sent me, and it either changed or you'd like it removed, email me at infoATgaragerockradio.com and I'll comply. As for sending me something for airplay, I'm not a DJ and I don't have a radio show, I just write about them. Try writing to Bill Kelly over at WFMU, they play all kinds of new music. As for uploading songs to GarageRockRadio, we don't accept songs for upload. We choose the songs on our MP3 list at our own discretion.

Okay, here are the links. I haven't been to all of them so I can't vouch for them. Click at your own risk!

60s/Garage Podcast:
I really enjoy your web page...lots of great songs..info..I also like your
Garage rock radio mini podcasts..I have my own on podomatic.com it's
called Jim's Child Of The 60's.
I play a lot of 60's
garage rock on it(an other odd 60's stuff) I hope one day you can listen
to an episode..if you do, please listen to episode 3,4, or 5.(one
sucks..can't hear my intros)

Take Care


I jam in a band called King Arthur’s Court with Sky Sunlight Saxon from The Seeds and Djin Aquarian of Yahowha 13. We noticed your grand website and initiative to promote the history and music of Garage Rock. We have recently released an album called A Honeymoon with God and Family and we would love for you to check out some of our licks. The album’s vibe ranges from mellow shamanic, mid-tempo spirit reggae, to extended psych jams highlighted with Sky’s prophetic verses recorded in the same spirit of the “spontaneous” method Father Yod & Yahowha 13 used to produce 65 albums in a 2 year period in the 70s.

If you dig our music, we’d be more than happy to send you a few songs for your pod cast or a news feature on your site. You can hear samples of our music on our under construction website: www.starpeacerecords.com or for better quality mp3s see Djin’s site: http://www.yhwhhouse.com/introset.htm (click on the “Music” link and then “Sky & Djin’s collection”)

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Keep up the good work!

Love & Harmonics,
King Arthur's Court
Star Peace Records


Love your radio channel, used to listen to it alot.
Just wonderd if you ever heard of a band called Breakaway Fraction?
They're from Stockholm, Sweden and are really good.
Would be cool if you could check em out =)


hey hi bill,
check us out at www.myspace.com/sterlingroswell
or www.myspace.com/theepsychedelicubik

www.sterlingroswell.com for biography and record reveiws

nobody loves the hulk ! - forthcoming single release on our own '
declaration of independence '
record label.....
best wishes wishing well
sterling roswell

Media Contact: Tristan Risk
More info: www.bigjohnbates.com

That's right folks - Big John Bates and the Voodoo
Dollz are back with a new CD and Tour!

After spending the summer working hard to get the new
CD "Take Your Medicine" released in North America, it
looks good for November in Canada through PHD
Distribution and Devil Sauce Recordings. The new CD
has gotten great reviews from major rock'n'roll and
punk media in Europe, where it was released by
Germany's Wolverine Records to coincide with a BJB
tour earlier this year. 'Take Your Medicine' contains
13 psycho/garage/blues tracks with a raw sound
captured by producer Todd Simko (Pure, Xavier Rudd).
It also breaks open some new sonic territory for the
band, building on the foundations started by their
earlier albums 'Flamethrower' and 'Mystiki'.

Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz just played
Vancouver with Los Straitjackets on their TWIST PARTY
tour (with the fabulous Pontani Sisters and guest
vocalist Kaiser George) and Sweet Soul Burlesque.
Happily that's not the last of this year's Vancouver
shows .... Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz will be
hosting their "It's Your Funeral" Halloween at the
Media Club on October 28 with Nim Vid and the Starboys
... AND a tour-opening show at Richard's on Richards
November 16 with Southern Culture on the Skids. Yes,
it's true, Vancouver's getting rocked hard this

The BJB tour will feature Voodoo Dollz favourites
Little Miss Risk (Sweet Soul Burlesque) and L'il
Luvroc (Taboo Revue) as well as debuting their new
drummer - JT Massacre (Real Mackenzies, JP5). The
tour crosses Western Canada to Winnipeg on Dec 1 and
follows the highways south through the American
Midwest until they are back on the coast on December

We'll send out another email when the dates are
confirmed but until then, check out the website at
http://www.bigjohnbates.com and the BJB profile on

My name is Bruce Tahsler and I'd like to know if I
may put a link to your site on my website? I think it would benefit us
both. My site is: garagebandsfromthe60s.com

Thanks very much,


Please check out these addresses for a wnderful web magazine and an in depth interview with Dagwood McFadden of McFadden's Parachute!

hope you dig it!

Andy from Motor Sounds Records just giving you all an update on
recent goings on at Motor Sounds Towers.

First up, and most importantly, The Routes debut album has gone to press and will be with us before Christmas.
It really is a fantastic record and you need to own it. we're taking pre-orders on it as it won't be released officially
until Feb 2007, but if you get your orders in now you can have it early January.

Check out the trailer here

Honing their distorted tales in a dark dank underground of night time Dublin City, Stagger Lee bring you all, louder, dirtier and sleazier than ever before, songs to twist your filthy little minds.
Supports in Stagger Lee's young life have already included Sleater Kinney, The Kills and Jon Spencer Blues Xplosion. This year alone they have delivered storming sets at the Dublin leg of the MySpace Festival, supported The Long Blondes, The Grates and played a stormer at the Fringe Festival's beautiful Speigeltent. Upcoming shows include a slot at White Trash in Berlin in December 06 and dates for early 07 have been pencilled in for London and Paris to follow the release of their debut single due in early 07.

The Tupelo Incident make music to move your heart, your soul and your ass! We make tunes to dance to, tunes to love to and tunes to fight to. We will overturn the tables of schmindie with righteous fury! Is it your birthday baby...? No...? Then it must just be your lucky day...

So there we go Boys and Girls, theres plenty to be getting on with, SO WHATCHA WAITING FOR , GET ON WITH IT.

Motor Sounds Records

We have a whole bunch more Garage Links, here.


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