Friday, September 28, 2007

Chesterfield Kings Streaming Live from Vintage Vinyl 9/29/07 on

I got this via email on the 26th. Be sure to check out the Chesterfield Kings. They are definately among the top 10 Garage Revival bands in history! I saw them twice in the 80s. Once was at the WNYU Mod Monday dance at NYU in '84 or '85. The second time was at Reds in Levittown, Long Island, New York. They were great, and still are!

Hey there Bill

I work for YeboTV and we stream live shows and we will be streaming one of the best garage rock bands that’s still kicking, The Chesterfield Kings. Here’s the info if you can help spread the word and maybe turn on some new fans we’d all appreciate it. The stream is free to all.

The Chesterfield Kings Live from Vintage Vinyl on September 29th

This fall, Neo-garage rock royalty, The Chesterfield Kings release their new album “Psychedelic Sunrise”. Their new album featuring “inside Looking Out” and “Stayed Too Long” provides a uniquely textured vintage sound packed with catchy hooks and plenty of mind-bending ‘60’s vibe. Don’t miss this intimate performance at New Jersey’s legendary Vintage Vinyl at 1:30 EST Saturday September 29th streaming Live REAL TIME on

Just in case you want it, there is a web banner attached. If nothing else, check it out yourself and if by some chance you haven’t heard of these guys (although I highly doubt it) check out their MySpace at ,or their official website, I think you would enjoy it

All the best,

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